Tuesday 15 October 2019

Book ~ "The Little Book of Bob: Life Lessons from a Street-wise Cat" (2019) James Bowen

From Goodreads ~ In spring of 2007, street busker James Bowen found an injured orange tabby in the hallway of his shelter home in North London. Their friendship changed both of their lives and led to the internationally bestselling book "A Street Cat Named Bob".

But fame hasn't gone to James or Bob's heads. In Bob, James found a model for friendship, steadfastness, balance, and joy that we can all apply to our own lives. "The Little Book of Bob" is a heartfelt and wholesome book about how to be kinder to ourselves and kinder to the world around us.

Cats are amazing creatures, as all animal lovers know. Tender and wise, this is a little book with a big heart. 

In the spring of 2007, James Bowen was busking and living in a supported housing program in London. One evening he found a ginger cat in the hallway of his building and he assumed it belonged to another resident.  The cat was still there the next day and Bowen discovered it had an infected wound on his leg.  Bowen took the cat to the nearby RSPCA clinic.  To make sure the cat received its medication for the next two weeks, Bowen took him in, eventually adopting him and naming him Bob.  Bob would follow Bowen when he went to work and the pair became famous. 

Books have been published about Bowen and Bob and a movie has been made.

This is a small book of the lessons Bob has taught Bowen and is made up of six parts:
  1. In Bob We Trust - Lessons in friendship
  2. It's a Bob's Life - What we need to be happy
  3. Being Bob - How to get the most out of life
  4. Bob vs the World - How to survive all that life throws at us
  5. The Zen of Bob - How to be good to ourselves
  6. The University of Bob - Lessons in day-to-day life

It's a quick cute read.

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