Monday 28 October 2019

Garrison Crossing, Toronto, ON

This afternoon I walked across Garrison Crossing.  I had checked it out last Tuesday evening and was looking forward to seeing it during the day.

Garrison Crossing opened a couple weeks ago and provides a connection between Stanley Park to the north and the Fort York grounds to the south.  In the past, you had to either walk down Bathurst Street to the east or Strachan Avenue to the west if you wanted to head south.

The plan
An artist's rendition

I started near Fort York and headed north towards Wellington Street W.

The southern bridge spans 49 metres and runs from Ordnance Triangle
Park over the Lakeshore West rail corridor near Fort York
There are benches at the ends so you can rest and enjoy the views
Looking east
The park
The 52-metre northern bridge runs from South Stanley
Park over the Kitchener rail corridor into Ordnance Triangle Park

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