Saturday 12 October 2019

Book ~ "All Cats Are Introverts" (2019) Francesco Marciuliano

From Goodreads ~ Have you ever been labeled as "antisocial," "shy," or "lost in your own thoughts" because you don't realize someone's been calling your name 148 times? The cats understand. 

"All Cats Are Introverts" is a collection of self-reflective poetry from cats that clearly shows them to be the insightful, often alert, crowd-averse, personally engaging, probably napping-as-we-speak introverts of the animal kingdom. Enjoy this completely relatable and hilarious book, and perhaps you will soon see the cat - and even yourself - in a whole new light.

I'm not into poetry but I'm into cats and that's why this book caught my eye ... plus I've read a couple of  this author's  books and thought they were cute.

The poems are "written" by cats and are grouped into three categories ... on one's own, one-on-one, and one too many.  They give you insight into what your cat is thinking and why they do what they do.  Plus there are lots of colour pictures of gorgeous kittens and cats.

This is a quick cute read.  Here are some examples from the book ...

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