Wednesday 9 November 2011

Studabakers Beachside, Orillia, ON

I spent the Monday night in Orillia (almost two hours drive from Toronto) because I had to conduct four enrolment seminars yesterday (the first one at 9am). I drove home yesterday afternoon because I had a work function last night (otherwise I would have stayed overnight in Orillia again).

On Monday night, I had a choice for supper of either the Brewery Bay Food Company or Studabakers ... I went with Brewery Bay. It was okay ... the wings were breaded which I'm not fond of.

I drove to Orillia this morning because I had three more enrolment seminars to conduct this afternoon.

I thought I'd check out Studabakers for lunch before the seminars.

I got there about 11:30am. It was interesting to find a few people already at the bar having a drink (no, I'm not judging). I had a Diet Pepsi.

Ann, the server, had just made popcorn and gave everyone some. Yum!

I ordered wings and fries. I liked that I had a choice of either breaded or plain wings ... I ordered mine plain with medium sauce.

The wings were really good. They were juicy and the sauce, which there was a lot of, was tangy. And at 50 cents each, they are cheap ($6 for a dozen). I'd definitely order them again. The fries were good ... there was a salty BBQ spice on them. There were lots of fries ... I left a lot of them.

I liked Studabakers. Ann was friendly and took good care of me. If/when I have to go to Orillia again, I can see myself hanging out there for more wings and perhaps a couple of beer.

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Teresa said...

At least the weather is holding out for your travels. Keep well.

Cindy said...

Sounds like good wings! I like them tangy, too.