Wednesday 16 November 2011

Hit and run ... almost

I had a seminar to conduct in Oakville today at noon.

I got there a bit early so took a drive along Winston Churchill Blvd.

I was driving through a busy intersection in the middle lane when the green van in front of me rammed into the white van in front of it ... which rammed into a gold jeep in front of it. Bam! I braked and moved into the right lane to avoid them.

I pulled into the parking lot of a strip mall on my right. I looked in my rear mirror and saw the green van right behind me. He blew by me in the parking lot and went around the corner of the mall and parked in front of a Harvey's restaurant ... it seemed like he was hiding. As he drove by me, I wrote down his license plate and van description.

I looked back and the white van and gold jeep had also pulled into the parking lot but were at the entrance, a distance away. I walked over to them, said I'd seen the whole thing, gave them the green van's info and told them where it could be found (they were wondering where he'd gone!).

They walked over to confront the fella in the green van. I also walked over and gave the owner of the white van and the owner of the gold jeep my business card in case they needed my info.

Here's the green van ... you can see it was quite a bang.

What a slimy dog for trying to sneak away!


Adaptable Kay said...

Good for you Teena!

So many people don't do the right thing anymore-It's just so sad that society has gone in that direction.

But then it is offset by people like you :)

Suburban Princess said...

Good for you for being willing to help out! Most people would just ignore and keep walking.

Unknown said...

They say "bad things happen when good people do nothing." Good for you, being an involved citizen and doing the right thing.