Tuesday 22 November 2011

We do what we have to to keep Crumpet happy

Does something look odd in this picture?

Did you notice that the water jug isn't against the wall, aligned with the food dish? It's in the way in an odd spot on the floor?

Well, that's the way that Crumpet likes it.

She moved it there a couple days ago and we left it.

Whenever we put it back where it belongs, she moves it around with her head or she tries to tip it over (she's a strong girl!). Either way, water gets split and guess who has to clean it up.

If we leave it where she wants it, she doesn't try to knock it over.

Yes, it's in our way but there's less mess.

It's a good thing she's cute :)


BunnyMummy said...

Im trying to convince mine that they dont need 3 litter boxes now that Icarus is gone to his forever home.

highheeledlife said...

LOL ... furbabies and the things we never thought we would do for them... they really are like our children. Our little Yorkie Dolce, is certain he is human (or we are doggies)~ xo HHL

Isabel said...

Just cause we love them!

Gill said...

So cute. My cat will not drink water out of his water dish at all, he will only drink out of mugs or bowls left in the sink... bizarre! But we cater to his tastes as well.... Guess who's the boss in our house?!

Meg said...

Teena, Jax and Kai would love your cats!

Teena in Toronto said...

The things we do for our kitties! Crumpet likes looking out windows. I kept my plants in the window in the spare room. She eventually knocked one down so I put them elsewhere ... and she owns that window now. Ha!

dawn said...

that's adorable.