Tuesday 22 November 2011

Huether Hotel, Waterloo, ON

I had a pre-retirement seminar to conduct in Waterloo this afternoon. Afterwards, Steve and I had a meeting with the plan sponsor. Both went well.

He and I met downtown, not far from the client's site, for lunch. We figured we could find a restaurant, no problem.

Well, there was a problem as there didn't seem to be a lot of restaurants downtown where we could sit for a while and have a bite to eat.

After parking our cars and walking around, we ended up at a restaurant at the Huether Hotel on King Street N.

It's in the basement and seemed very closed in with its low ceilings. It's in what looks like an old historic building.

We had about an hour to order and eat before we had to head out so we looked at the menu and ordered quickly.

I ordered a burger and fries.

It was okay, nothing great. The burger was fairly big and I ate it all so just had a couple fries. I'm not sure where the stray piece of bacon came from.

Steve ordered some kind of schnitzel.

He said it was okay. He said the potatoes were probably good yesterday when they were made. Ouch!

It had taken a while for our food to arrive so we paid as soon as we got it so we could leave when we were ready to go.

I bet it's a great spot to spend a Friday night with some beer but not for a midday work lunch.

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Masshole Mommy said...

I love coming here when I'm hungry! Those fries look like they were to die for.