Monday 7 November 2011

Quality Hotel Champlain Waterfront, Orillia, ON

I have four enrolment seminars to conduct tomorrow for a client in Orillia. The first one is at 9am. Orillia is almost an two hour drive so I came up this afternoon and am staying the night.

Here's the outside of my hotel.

There's not a lot of choice of hotels in Orillia. I chose this one because it's just a couple blocks from the client's site.

The hotel only has a two star rating. I reserved a room with a king bed figuring it was worth the extra $20 and would be an upgrade.

When I walked in, my first reaction was "Whoa!" because as soon as I opened the door, there I was! I took this picture from the hallway with the door open. The bed is about three feet from the door.

Here's the desk where I have my latop. The TV is really old and small and the remote control doesn't work.

The "closet" is really small ... I've never seen a portable one before.

The back of the unit holding the TV is falling apart in the back.

Here's my view ... lovely!

You don't want to be too high up because there is no elevator. Parking is free and in the back of the hotel. A continental breakfast is included. WIFI is free. I was able to connect but couldn't get to any sites (so I'm using my Bell Internet stick instead). There is a strip mall next door (you can kind of see it from my window) and the liquor store is across the street.

This room is about $100 a night. Is it worth it? Um, no. Next time, I'd be inclined to stay at the hotel at the Casino Rama, spend the extra money and drive the extra 15 minutes to downtown.

Nov 8, 8am update: I had asked the receptionist to give me a wake up call at 7:30 this morning. I got one at 5:45am and 6:30am ... needless to say I wasn't happy! I am still waiting for the 7:30am one. Good thing I set the alarm on my cell phone (I've never done that before).

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