Saturday 26 November 2011

Waterfront Trail, Port Credit, ON

Gord and I took the GoTrain to Port Credit this afternoon (a 20 minute train ride west of Toronto).

We headed south towards the water (I love water!) to go for a walk along the Waterfront Trail.

This is looking east ... Toronto is around the bend.

I stole borrowed this picture from Gord (I'd left my zoom lens at home) ... there's Toronto.

Here are Gord and I.

Then we headed west following the Waterfront Trail.

Here's Gord showing you where we were.

There's a lighthouse on Lakeshore Road.

Looking south ...

We walked to J.C. Saddington Park.

We walked on the rocks along the water.

Gord got a new camera on Friday and was excited to use it.

I stole borrowed this picture from Gord ... you can see Toronto off in the distance.

Back on the trail again.

As we are leaving the park ...

It was such a nice day for a walk and lots of people had the same idea we did.

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Domestically Inclined said...

Hello Teena! You live in such a beautiful place! Thanks for all the pictures and dropping by my Blog and and sending all the well wishes. Been busy outside this box, but so good to catch up with "online friends"!