Monday 28 November 2011

Book ~ "Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat--Not a Sour Puss" (2011) Pam Johnson-Bennett

From Amazon ~ Feline behaviorist Johnson-Bennett suggests that if cat owners learn how to think like a cat, they can better understand their pets and build a more positive relationship. One way is to view the world not from the vantage point of a 5'7" human but from the cat's level, ten inches off the ground. If you needed to scratch your claws and saw only drapes and furniture and no scratching post, what would you use? The author gives helpful tips for stopping destructive chewing, aggression, furniture scratching, and litter-box difficulties. Her advice on grooming, pests, traveling, and first aid are clear and straightforward. She also recommends types and brands of toys, equipment, food, and other feline products.

Gord saw this ebook on the Toronto Library site and thought I'd enjoy it ... he knows I like reading books about animals. And since Crumpet is still a kitten, I downloaded it onto my Kobo.

It's a good reference book for people who have never had a cat but also for people like me who have (and do have one or two, in our case).

The beginning of the book talks about where to buy a cat, what to look for, what to buy for it, getting it checked by the vet, what to expect, etc. ... stuff that newbies should know.

It covers how to train your cat not do something you don't want it to do (Crumpet occasionally jumps on the counter or table which we don't want), how major life events like moving, having a baby, getting married, getting another pet, etc. affect you cat, caring for your aging cat, etc. The back of the book gives details about the various diseases your cat can get and what to do about it.

The books covers everything and with humour.

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