Tuesday 1 November 2011

Mucho Burrito, Barrie, ON

I conducted four enrolment seminars today.

I started at 9am and finished about 3pm ... the seminars were back-to-back so I had no opportunity for lunch. Knowing this would happen, I had a good breakfast about 8ish. But by the time I got on the road, though, I was hungry.

I stopped at Mucho Burrito just before I left Barrie (it's along the 400). I love burritos and had an excellent one at Mucho Burrito in Vancouver when Sister Sarah and I were there in May.

I got a chicken burrito with medium salsa sauce, a pop and a couple of cookies (I ended up bringing the cookies home).

The burrito was hearty and filling.

The medium sauce was hotter than I expected and there was a lot of rice ... so all I tasted was spicy rice. It would have been better had there been less rice because I could have experienced the rest of the ingredients more.

It was okay ... not as good as the one I had in Vancouver, though.

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Rebecca said...

Hi, Teena! Thanks for the blogoversary wishes! I was chuckling at the photos and imagined the looks on people's faces around you as you snapped photos of your lunch. hehehe I do it, too -- all the time! Around the house, the kids are all used to it -- but out and about, well, I do get lots of strange looks!

Sounds like you had a really full day! Get some rest and enjoy those cookies! lol

Sarah said...

There's one near me and I'm dying to try it but I doubt it's as good as Chipolte..

Teena in Toronto said...

We have a Chipotle Burrito spot here in Toronto ... I think it's the only one in Canada. They are okay ... my fav are a Toronto chain called Burrito Boyz. AMAZING!!