Sunday, 22 May 2011

Mucho Burrito, Vancouver, BC

Sister Sarah and I had supper at Mucho Burrito on Davie Street this evening.

The fella making our burritos was great. He was very helpful and friendly. Here's Sister Sarah ordering her veggie burrito.

I got a pork burrito with rice, beans, pork, cheese, medium salsa, green pepper and burrito sauce.

I love burritos and am particular about them. This was delicious! Sister Sarah enjoyed her burrito too.

Part of my combo was dessert. I chose cinnamon roll. It was made in-house and was okay.

Sister Sarah got cookies for her dessert and said they were good.

I looked online and see there are locations in downtown Toronto ... yay!

Mucho Burrito (Davie) on Urbanspoon


Shawna grant said...

I'm in!

MonicaH said...

How does it compare to Burrito Boyz?

dawn said...

there's a location near my work in Mississauga......I've always wanted to try it out. After seeing your review I think I will. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Julie said...

MMMM...I'm drooling now :P