Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC

Sister Sarah and I took the gondola and lift up Blackcomb Mountain.

Blackcomb Mountain is the left-most (northern) mountain when looking at the Whistler-Blackcomb ski area from Whistler Village. It has a summit elevation of 2182 metres (7,494 ft) at the top of the 7th Heaven chair - Blackcomb Mountain itself is higher at 2440 meters (8000 ft). It is served by 17 lifts; 1 gondola, 6 high-speed quads, 3 fixed-grip triples and 7 surface lifts, as well as the end-station for the Peak 2 Peak. Blackcomb is the location of the world famous "Couloir Extreme" run, which is one of the top ten steep in-bounds runs in the world according to Skiing Magazine.

Here's Sister Sarah by the gondola station in Whistler.

And up we go.

Here's Sister Sarah ...

And here's me ...

Up, up, up ...

Then we had to switch over to a lift. To be honest, we were soooo scared!

Up up up ...

Looks like we did a good job in trying to relax ...

We made it! Yay!

There are still runs open and there were lots of skiers having fun on the them.

We walked down the trail to Glacier Creek Lodge Restaurant. It's only a half a km but it's a steep slippery climb down in snow.

Sister Sarah slipped a couple times ... ha!

Heading down the trail ... what an awesome view!

And there's Glacier Creek Lodge ...

We sat on the patio for a couple hours ... what a great view!

Time to head back up the trail to catch the lift. It was a hard steep climb. This was a great place for Sister Sarah to take a break.

We made it ... yay!

Sister Sarah made snow angels ... just cuz she could!

Enjoying the view one last time before we heading back down to Whistler ...

Going down is just as scary as coming up!

What an awesome spot to spend some time!


Shawna grant said...

I would have needed a change of undies!

Lord of the Wings said...

Looks like a lot of fun and a great view!