Monday, 2 May 2011

Breathe in - Write out ... with Yvette Raposo

Tonight was the third Monday night for "Breathe in - Write out", guided meditation led by my friend, Yvette.

Learn about that clear space in your mind which you’ll want to visit often by finding that place of peace in your heart.

No past experience necessary … no expectations … permission to allow yourself to be guided by me, simply share the energy and observe the stillness within … pay attention to what arises, the potential … your choice.

Guided Meditation
Relaxation through Breath
Writing for Clarity
Sealed by Stretching

We journalled again tonight. Yvette discussed the benefits of journalling which include:
  • lowers blood pressure
  • provides clarity
  • provides a stronger sense of organization
  • provides improved communication
  • provides a stronger knowledge of your self
We blindly picked one of the six values (health and fitness, family, relationships, personal growth, career or profession and spirituality) out of a box. I ended up with health and fitness, which was exactly what I want to work on in my life.

We had to journal about our value and answer the following statements ...
  1. Most important to me about my value is ...
  2. I know these [the things listed in #1] are all present when ...
  3. I know these [the things listed in #1] are not present when ...
  4. The choices I have instead are ...
Then Yvette led us into a guided meditation ... we were walking along a path in the woods, come upon a pond, then a house, etc. I "ended up" relaxing on a deck overlooking a lake. And that's the thought/feeling we were left with. Very nice!

Here's Yvette looking very zen-like at the end of the session ...

I'm really enjoying these sessions. I've always wanted to try meditation (so I'm glad Yvette has started these workshops). I'm very surprised at how easily I'm able to be guided.

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Tina said...

sounds interesting. i love how she posed for a pic for you at the end.