Saturday 28 May 2011

Strolling along Bloor Street W

Gord and I went for a long walk today.

We started in Bloor West Village and headed west. He'd never really been in that area before ... I lived near there from 1996 to 2001. We took transit and got off at Runnymede subway.

When I lived in the area, this was the Runnymede Theatre and I've seen many movies there.

It closed in the late 1990s and there was quite the uproar when Chapters moved in. Happily they kept a lot of the interior intact. Gord had never been in it so we spent some time inside looking around.

We headed west and had a beer on the patio of A Dark Horse.

Here's Gord.

The patio is great for people watching on a Saturday afternoon. The service wasn't great, though. We ended up going inside for our own beer since we hadn't seen a server. When the server eventually did come out, she was abrupt and not very friendly.

We headed a couple blocks west and sat on the patio of Bryden's.

Time for supper! The couple next to us had a chicken parm sandwich and a hamburger that looked really good so that's what we ordered ... they were delicious!

The server was a lot friendlier and took good care of us. Gord especially liked it there because he likes unusual beer and they have a good selection.

Then we left Bloor West Village and headed west along Bloor Street W.

We came across The Old Sod. It looked interesting so we stopped for a drink.

Aside from a fella sitting at the bar drinking coolers and talking to the bartender about kids' movies, we were the only ones there. Kind of strange considering it was a Saturday evening. Needless to say, we didn't order a second drink.

We continued our trek west and came across the Henry VIII Ale House. It was hopping so we went in and sat the bar (and we lucky to get those stools!).

My pal, Yvette, had been driving by on her way home and saw us go in so stopped and came in for a chat (so nice of her!). Here are Gord and Yvette.

Here are me and Gord.

There was a really good vibe at this pub. And judging by the fact that it was packed with people waiting for tables, we weren't the only ones who thought so.

There was a woman eating wings at the end of the bar ... they looked good!

We headed west to Islington subway station to go home ... and stopped for one last drink at Orwell's Pub.

After the atmosphere of the Henry VIII, this was totally opposite. It is a brightly lit room with zero coziness. The server was friendly and the bartender was unengaged (she spent most of her time checking her cell phone for messages and yakkin' on the phone). There were quite a few people there ... it looks like a comfortable spot for locals.

We ended up walking just over 4km, discovering some new spots we'll probably go back to ... and some we won't.


Suburban Princess said...

I havent been out there for at least 15 years! How did you manage to take all those photos after that many drinks lol!

Julie said...

Great photos! You and Gord always find really cool places to visit.

Sarah said...

It looks like you and Gord had a fun day! I had gone to The Old Sod a few times. It was on a Saturday night and a man was singing Celtic tunes.

Dr. Monkey said...

Those beers and burgers looked great.

Teena in Toronto said...

SubPrin: This was over an eight hour time period so not too bad.

Teena in Toronto said...

Sister Sarah: I thought you'd been there before ... there was a singer coming in later at 9pm but we didn't want to wait around.

Teena in Toronto said...

Julie: We're always out and about :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Dr. Monkey: Alas, Gord didn't give me a bite of his burger. He said it was good, though.

Tatiana said...

Those fries look amazing. And now I'm craving fries before breakfast...