Saturday, 7 May 2011

Dominion House, Stratford, ON

It's a tradition with Gord and I to have a drink at the Dominion House before heading home.

Here's the Dominion House and, as you can see, it's handy to the train station.

Here's Gord outside the sign that says it was established in 1865.

Imagine the stories this bar could tell!

We like sitting on the back patio ... we always meet some interesting people.

The train heading back to Toronto is always about ten minutes late but we always head over about five minutes early. Tonight as we were walking over we heard the train whistle announcing its early arrival.


So we started running!

Don't worry, we made it.

In fact, because the train was about five minutes early, it waited and left on time. In the six years since we started coming to Stratford, the train has never been early or on time.

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