Sunday 13 November 2011

Book ~ "Final Exam" (2009) Maggie Barbieri

From Amazon ~ Going back to dorm life isn't much fun for Alison Bergeron. Alison, an English professor at St. Thomas University in the Bronx, becomes the temporary resident director of Siena dorm after Wayne Brookwell, its popular RD, fails to return from spring break. Det. Bobby Crawford of the NYPD, Alison's faithful boyfriend, helps her move into her new digs, Wayne's small, less than spotless suite. When the toilet overflows after Alison flushes it, Crawford cleans up the mess—and discovers a brick of heroin hidden under the bathroom floor. Adding spice is a love triangle involving Wayne and Amanda Reese, a Siena RA who's engaged to a Princeton student. Less entertaining is a subplot about Alison's bitchy best friend, whose estrangement from her detective husband has gone into overkill.

I am enjoying this series and liked this book.

In this book, Alison discovered things (such as where Wayne was) rather than actively investigated things. She's a professor not a detective. In previous books, though I've enjoyed them, having her poke her nose in things wasn't really all that believable.

I found the side story of Max and Fred breaking up and Max being so self-centred kind of annoying. If Max was my friend, I would have dump her a longtime ago. It was good to see Alison finally stand up to her.

It's a fun read that doesn't drag. I bought the ending.

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