Thursday 17 November 2011

Favourites Dining Room, Woodbine Racetrack, Toronto, ON

One of our sales guys, Paul, is retiring in a couple weeks.

We had his retirement party at Favourites Dining Room at Woodbine Racetrack this afternoon. There were about 20 of us.

I've only there once before. Kyle came by when we first got there and explained how and where to bet.

The meal is a buffet. The food was okay, nothing great. Nothing wowed me.

There were eight races every half hour starting at 2pm (ie 2pm, 2:30pm, 3pm, etc.). They last about a minute and a half.

Here's Larissa making her bets ... she bet on the first five races at the same time to get it done.

Here's me making my first bet ... $2 on Placentia Bay to win in the first race.

Gord had also asked me to put $5 to win and $5 to show on Battle Harbour in the first race.

Alas, neither horse came in first, second or third place.

Here's our group with Lucia and Natalie in front. We had a great view of the track.

Most of us left after the fourth race. I'd bet $2 on a horse in each of these four races to win ... but my horses ended up towards the end of the pack. I was picking them according to their names ... not a very scientific approach which obviously didn't work. Ha!

When we left about 3:30pm, it was snowing but it didn't amount to anything.

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Isabel said...

So no big money? Oh well. Maybe next time.

Masshole Mommy said...

Oh my god - I'm starving right now and all this food looks SO good.

Teresa said...

Aww too bad you didn't win! Looks like a fun way to celebrate. BTW we had a few sprinkles of snow too.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the virtual visit to the track. I've never been.