Sunday 13 November 2011

99 MRKT, Toronto, ON

The 99 MRKT was happening in my 'hood this afternoon so I checked it out. I haven't been since July.

Thirsty? You could get a beer or Caesar and drink it on the patio outside.

Fidel Gastro's was selling sandwiches.

You could have The Cuban Mac (chorizo sausage macaroni and 3 cheese sandwich) or a Havana Club (cayenne and beer pulled-pork with Virginia ham, caramelized onions, havarti and chilli aioli) grilled.

I had some samples of Lydia's Gourmet Bakery and they were good!

Need some spices?

How about some ideas for Christmas gifts?

I Love Puffy Hearts was delish ... I love marshmallows! I bought a small bag of toasted coconut and a small bag of banana bread flavoured. I'm glad Gord doesn't like marshmallows so I don't have to share.

Comida del Pueblo was selling jalapeno cornbread grilled cheese sandwiches, chocolate filled churros and Jamaica cider. I bought three churros (those I shared with Gord).

Nice Buns had some delicious healthy bread. I bought a small herb 'n onion fougasse that was good.

Want some couple organic veggies?

How about some healthy veggie soup?

You could also buy some old books.

Still hungry? There was a hot dog truck in the parking lot.


Tatiana said...

That looks like a fab market. All the food vendors look awesome, I could have a field day there.

Teresa said...

Lots o yummy offerings. Looks like a fun place to stroll around.

Nancy said...

Wow... this post is making me hungry... must go have an early lunch! :)