Wednesday 30 November 2011

Friendly Santa at the Dufferin Mall

I was at the Dufferin Mall late this afternoon and saw that Santa had arrived.

He is a friendly Santa, waving at all the boys and girls as they walked by.

It was fairly quiet while I was there ... no doubt it will get busier this evening when all the moms and dads are finished working and head to the mall.

There is an article in today's Toronto Star that mentioned this Santa ...

Dufferin Mall has had the same traditional Santa since 1999 and he keeps drawing in the crowds — about 5,000 over a five-week period, says Tatiana Shovkun, marketing manager.

"He recognizes the kids and welcomes them back," she says. "We’ve had people who move out of the area as far as Barrie or Brampton come to see him."

Improv Everywhere in New York City thinks you're never to old to sit on Santa's lap ...


Anonymous said...

That's cool! I hate seeing a Santa that looks like he would rather be doing ANYTHING other than being Santa.

Isabel said...

As it gets closer to christmas it'll get busier too. I took big baby during the week. We were in and out like that.