Friday 11 November 2011

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, ON

I've lived in Toronto since 1987 and I've never been to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

It's here from November 4 to 13. Gord and I went down late this afternoon.

There's something for everyone.

You can shop for everything from saddles to boots to hats to clothes to organic flax.

We watched a bit of a horse show.

We came across the calf competition. I kept imagining what the commentary would be between Buck Laughlin (Fred Willard) and and Trevor Beckwith (Jim Piddock) in Best in Show (an awesome movie!) if they were there.

There were really big veggies!

A potato grower from PEI was giving out three potatoes to everyone ... sweet!

How cute are these chicks?! They are just five days old.

How about a butter carving competition?

We wandered through the petting zoo.

There were a lot of cows. It was suppertime!

And it was milking time.

These little piggies were born on October 30.

These sheep were waiting for their time to compete ... hence the jackets so they don't get dirty.

This guy was just chilling out.

We watched the sheep competition.

All this wool would make a lot of sweaters!

If you have a sweet tooth, you could buy fudge in a few spots.

We checked out the bar. It served craft beer which made Gord happy.

I had some flights of white wine ... my server was helpful and friendly.

Here's Gord.

They were broadcasting the Royal Horse Show in the bar so we watched it for a while (rather than paying an extra $16 each and being in the arena).

It was a fun time and I look forward to going again next year.


Unknown said...

I love the Royal Winter Fair. Looks like you had fun. I use to go every year. But now with 3 kids in tow, it's a little more challenging. Maybe next year, then I don't have to deal with lugging around a diaper bag and stroller. :)

LeeAnn said...

LOVE petting zoos! Looks like fun! I haven't been in a long while!

Feisty Crone said...

This looks like lots of fun, and reminds me of the state fair in New York! Those baby chicks are adorable.

Tania B said...

Aw, that takes me back to when I was in 4-H back in BC and I was showing my sheep (Baaaa). I used to do these kinds of shows. Great fun for the whole family!

Sarah said...

Awe- I'm jealous! I love the fair but, alas, it has gotten too pricey for my little family- over $70 just to get us all in!