Saturday 8 December 2018

Christmas with Gord's family, Madoc, ON

Gord's family lives in Madoc, which is north of Belleville (2.5 hours away).  It's a tradition to celebrate Christmas at Judy and Doug's (Gord's sister and brother-in-law).  Gord and I and Gord's son, Ken, headed there this afternoon and will spend the night.

Judy and Doug had their tree up.

Also there were Minnie (Gord and Judy's 91-year-old mother), Kyle (Judy and Doug's oldest son), Kerri (Kyle's wife), Madison and Colton (Kyle and Kerri's kids).  They all live nearby.

Madison and Judy's kitten, Katie
Gord and Judy's mom, Minnie
Great grandmother Minnie and great granddaughter Madison ...
time for presents!
Judy and Minnie, daughter and mother, and Sheba
Brothers-in-law Doug (Judy's husband) and Gord
Cousins Ken (Gord's son) and Kyle (Judy's son)
Kerri (Kyle's wife)
Mom and kids ... Judy, Minnie and Gord
Grandson and grandmother Ken (Gord's son) and Minnie
Colton, Minnie and Madison ...
great grandmother and great grandchilden

Judy and Doug are huge animal lovers.  Here are their pets ...

Katie, their new kitten

Jake and Buddy ... what a life!

Dinner was excellent (so much food!).  It's always a fun time and great to see everyone!


Teresa said...

Merry Early Christmas. Looks like a wonderful day for all.

Buried In Print said...

Such nice pictures! (Love the kitten and the dogs!)