Monday 10 December 2018

Tunnel of Glam, Yonge and St. Clair Avenue E, Toronto, ON

The Tunnel of Glam is an 80-foot covered pedestrian walkway lined with over 14 million reversible sequins.  It is located in Wally Crouter Walkway, which is off Yonge Street, just north of St. Clair Avenue E.  The installation was commissioned by the Yonge + St. Clair BIA.

About the Tunnel of Glam

On its shimmering surface, Tunnel of Glam is a loud, vibrant, glamorous centerpiece that draws visitors in by playing upon the appeal of all things shiny and sparkling – the twinkle of fresh snow, the glow of lights, the glitter of icicles.

With its grand scale and bright colours the installation sits like a gift to all. It is a present which promises new surprises every day, as visitors continually make and remake the interior to their own design.

Everyone is encouraged to interact with the 14 million plus reversible sequins. These act as analogue pixels, the scale of which begs for big, over the top movements. Why use just the tip of a finger – as we are forced to with a phone or tablet – when here you can use your whole hand, to make a mark by running from one end of the tunnel to the other?

Tunnel of Glam encourages individuals to write, draw, and alter their environment … no batteries required.

About the Artist

Studio F Minus is a public art and design firm based in Toronto, led by Mitchell F Chan and Brad Hindson. Notable past projects include the Luminous Veil, a half-kilometre long responsive lighting project that illuminates the bridge connecting Toronto’s Bloor St and Danforth Ave, and Gust – a series of 60 internally illuminated hanging sculptures designed to illuminate Brookfield Place. 

I'd heard about it a couple weeks ago and checked it out today.

What you do is rub your hand, arm, whatever against the sequins and they flip, turning colours.

At the west end looking east
At the east end looking west

It's there until December 31.

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Teresa said...

That is beautiful! Must be something to see in person.