Thursday 13 December 2018

The Inn On The Harbour, Port Stanley, ON

I spent the last two nights at The Inn On the Harbour in Port Stanley.

The reception area is locked at night and the receptionist goes home

There was a sitting area on my floor (the second floor).

Here was my room ... the "Dusty Rose Green".

My king bed was comfy!  So many pillows!
This was the reason I stayed at this inn ... all the rooms have Jacuzzis!
Very odd to find these in the closet
So much info on the back of the door!
The view from my room

There are 12 themed rooms on three floors (mine was the "Dusty Rose Green" on the second floor).  If you can't do stairs, you should stay on the ground floor as there is no elevator.  Since I was the only guest and the receptionist goes home at night, I didn't want to be on the ground floor ... I felt safer being higher up since I was alone.

The rooms have king beds, fireplaces, Jacuzzis (I love baths and used mine Tuesday night), complimentary WIFI (I found it slow most of the time) and complimentary parking.  There was a coffee maker, kettle, toaster, mini fridge and some dishes in my room.  Strange not to have a microwave oven, though.  My room rate was $115/night plus taxes.

There is no restaurant in the inn, though there are some within walking distance.  I went to Barnacles Tuesday night, which was a ten minutes walk away, and KettleCreek last night, which was about a three minute walk away.

When I walked into my room, it was welcoming ... the fireplace was going and there was easy listening music playing on the TV.  I found it odd, though, that the time on the phone was 9.5 hours slow and the clock radio (which was cheap and should be replaced) was flashing (so not showing any time) and I had to set it.  There are no blinds on the window ... just a light green drape.  I don't know how well it would keep the sun out if you were trying to sleep during the summer.

There was a fishing boat docked just below my room.  At 6am, I could hear its motor turned on and it left about 15 minutes later.


Unknown said...

Very cute room for the money - that is cheap!!! Bet it is nice in the summer

Teresa said...

Looks like a nice place to catch a few zzzs

Buried In Print said...

What a nice roomy sleep. And I love the fireplace and the view. Also I love the kimonos in the closet, but maybe off-season the traditional fluffy robes would have been warmer.