Sunday 8 July 2018

Book ~ "Murder Borrowed, Murder Blue" (2018) Stephanie Blackmoore

From Goodreads ~ A celebrity couple getting hitched on Valentine's Day would be a big boost for Mallory Shepard's wedding planning business but someone's got cold feet: a corpse.

Actress Dakota Craig is set to tie the knot with her famous musician boyfriend at Mallory's Pennsylvania B&B on the most romantic day of the year. Best of all, the whole thing will air on the reality TV show "I Do". But the maid of honor has dropped out of the wedding party - by dropping dead. 

A lot of people insist the show must go on so Mallory's investigation keeps getting sidetracked by everything from a meddling mother to a foot of snow to a side project making arrangements for a high school Winter Ball. But if she doesn't catch the noxious culprit, the bride might wind up with a funeral wreath instead of a bouquet.

Mallory and her sister, Rachel, run Thistle Inn, a B&B, and are also wedding planners.  Actress Dakota and country singer Beau are getting married at the inn on Valentine's Day.  In addition, the wedding is getting filmed for the reality TV show, I Do.  Though the hostess of the show is causing issues, this is going to be great exposure for Mallory and Rachel's wedding planning business and the inn.  When the maid of honour is found murdered, the wedding still goes on but any number of people could have killed her. 

In addition, Mallory and Rachel got roped into hosting the local high school's Winter Ball.  It should be an easy project except Helene, Mallory's almost-mother-in-law, is on the planning committee and the rest of the committee had overruled everything she had wanted while she was out of town.  Though inwardly Mallory is happy about it, she has to experience the wrath of Helene when it's discovered.

This is the third in the Wedding Planner Mystery series and I liked it (I recently read the first two).  You don't need to have read the first ones as this one works well as a stand alone (there is enough background information provided).

I liked the writing style ... it is written in first person perspective from Mallory's point of view.  I thought the story was interesting and there were lots of people who could have "dunnit".  It kept me guessing until the end.  I found there was a lot going on, though ... so many sub-plots.  There are recipes at the end which sound delicious.

Mallory is dating her neighbour, Garrett.  They started dating in book two and I'm not finding a lot of attraction or heat between them ... they hold hands and he kisses her forehead.  Maybe because it's considered a "cozy mystery"?

I look forward to reading others in this series and by this author.

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