Saturday 29 October 2016

East Coast Comedy Night 3, Social Capital Theatre, Toronto, ON

Gord and I went to the East Coast Comedy Night 3 at the Social Capital Theatre (above the Black Swan Tavern on the Danforth) tonight.

Our THIRD big year, with two big shows! For one night, in one room, we will pack as many comedians and performers from all over The Maritimes and Newfoundland to salute the East Coast. Nova Scotia-style donairs will be available at special comedy pricing and supplied by The FUzZ Box. 

There will be donairs, there will be Screech, there will be Acadians.

We went last year and it was a hoot!  Tickets were just $15 at the door ($10 in advance) and the comedians and musicians were all from the East Coast.  I'm originally from the "East Coast" (from Nova Scotia).

East coast beer
The flags of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, PEI and New Brunswick

We bought a couple Nova Scotia-style donairs from FUzZ Box for $5 each.  What is a donair, you ask?  It's dense spiced ground beef that is thinly sliced and put in a soft wrap.  But it's the sweet special sauce that makes it come together.  You could get them with veggies (tomatoes and onions) or without ... we got ours without.

Marcel St. Pierre was the host ... he was fun.

Gord had an Alpine, a beer from "down home".

Here was the entertainment for the night ...

Meg MacKay from PEI
Dave Healey from NS
Darryl Purvis from NS
Greyhound Riders
Colin Hollett from NF - he was hilarious!
Ashley Seaman from NS
Peter Anthony from NS - he was also hilarious!

Marcel gave a bag of Covered Bridge chips (from NB) to whoever had come the farthest to the show ... a woman from Great Britain won.

Hopefully there will an East Coast Comedy Night 4 ... we'll be there!

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