Tuesday 25 October 2016

Book ~ "Uncle John's UNCANNY 29th Bathroom Reader" (2016) Bathroom Readers' Institute

From Goodreads ~ What’s so uncanny about the 29th annual edition of Uncle John’s? This enduring book series has been delivering entertaining information to three generations of readers (so far) ... and it’s still going strong! 

How do they do it? 

Back in 1988, Uncle John successfully predicted the way that 21st-century readers would want their information: in quick hits, concisely and cleverly written, and with details so delightful that you’re compelled to share them with someone else (kind of like the Internet, but without all those annoying ads). 

This groundbreaking series has been imitated time and time again but never equaled. And "Uncanny is the Bathroom Readers’ Institute at their very best. Covering a wide array of topics - incredible origins, forgotten history, weird news, amazing science, dumb crooks, and more - readers of all ages will enjoy these 512 pages of the best stuff in print. 

I've bought a few of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader books over the years and find them entertaining.

The contents in this one include:
  • Quotes of Bill Murray, David Bowie, etc.
  • Forgotten game shows 
  • Celebrity collections
  • Toilet-related stories and facts
  • Magic words
  • What weighs the same as a newborn baby
  • Alcohol laws around the world
  • Woodstock reunions
  • TV goofs
  • Origin of greenhouses
  • And lots more!

I like these books because the information is bite-size, informative and great when you feel like reading but don't have the time or inclination to get into a novel or more serious book.  And you surprisingly you can learn a lot.

In addition to the sections, there are tidbits of info along the bottom of the pages such as ...
  • Three main ingredients in Mountain Dew are water, corn syrup and orange juice.
  • Until 1972, you had to be a homeowner to sit on a British jury.
  • Chemicals in cockroach poop attract other roaches, encouraging them to congregate.
  • Public-health workers use negative Yelp! restaurants reviews to track food-borne illnesses.
  • Candy corn was originally called "Chicken Feed".
  • In 1954, Ernest Hemingway was in a plane crash.  He was rescued by a second plane.  It crashed too.

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