Friday 28 October 2016

Holiday Inn Winnipeg South Hotel, Winnipeg, MB

I had meetings in Winnipeg this week and my home away from home since Tuesday was the Holiday Inn Winnipeg South Hotel (on Pembina Hwy).

Here was my room ...

The bed was comfy

Parking and WIFI (it was fairly speedy) were complimentary.  There was a Keurog coffee maker in the room along with a microwave and mini fridge.

They sell pop, bars, snacks in the lobby.  There wasn't a lot of choice for restaurants in the area (though there is one in the hotel).  To get to a name-brand restaurant you have to drive about ten minutes.  It's about a 20 minute drive to downtown (I stayed here because my clients were nearby).

I usually find hotel rooms are warm and stuffy ... it was the opposite with this room.  When I turned up the heat, the thermostat said it was 21C (but didn't feel like it) and wouldn't go any higher.  Rather than blowing out warm air, the heater blew out cool air ... so I turned it off (my room was warmer with the heat turned off), dressed warmer and/or got under the blankets.  I mentioned it to someone at the front desk yesterday morning and when I got back in the afternoon, the heat was on ... yay!  It was set at 24C, though, and the room was too warm.  I tried to turn it down but it wouldn't budge ... so I turned it off.  Bad move because when I wanted to turn the heat on later, it started blowing out cold air again.  Sigh ...

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