Saturday 29 October 2016

Zoomer Show Toronto 2016, Toronto, ON

Gord got free tickets for the Zoomer Show from a fella he works with and we went this afternoon.

It is marketed as a lifestyle expo for the 45+ ... the attendees seemed to be a lot older (like 60+), though.

We walked around looking at the different vendors ... they ranged from financial services to memorial services to bamboo pillows to travel agents and things that will make you feel better and so on.  Simply Straight caught my eye and I checked it out.  It's a hair straightener that is a brush (I thought it was an odd product to be sold at this show).  I never do anything with my hair ... I wash it and brush it ... that's it!  Leeanna showed me how it works and let me try it and I was sold.

 There is entertainment over the two days ... we watched the Spanish dancers for a while.

The Zoomer Show is joined by the British Isles Show.

Ryan Thomas from Coronation Street was signing autographs and taking selfies.

Lots of food from the British Isles was available for purchase.

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