Saturday 15 October 2016

Visiting with Gord's family

Gord's son, Ken, and Ken's girlfriend, Jasmine, are moving to British Columbia in a couple weeks.  Today we drove to Gord's mom's (about 2.5 hours NE of Toronto) so Ken could say good-bye to his family.

We had lunch with Gord's mom, Minnie.  She lives in the country and Gord and I took a walk around to check out the leaves changing colours.

Minnie rents out some of her property to a soy bean farmer
There are a couple fields of soy beans
me and Gord

Minnie has a couple old barns on her property that haven't been used in many many years and have so much character.

The barn hasn't been used in many years so we didn't go in

We took some pictures before we left.

Gord, Minnie and Ken
Minnie and Ken
Minnie and Gord
Minnie and I

Then we visited with Gord's sister, Judy, and her husband, Doug, who live about 20 minutes away.

Driving the backroads

Judy and Doug's son, Kyle and his wife, Kerri, and kids, Madison and Colton, were there too.

Kerri, Kyle, Doug, Jake, Judy, Gord and Ken

It was great to see everyone!

All the best to Ken and Jasmine on their upcoming adventure!

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Teresa said...

Looks like you had beautiful weather. Love the Fall colors.