Sunday 4 August 2013

Inn at the Falls, Bracebridge, ON

Gord and I spent Friday 'til today in Bracebridge (about two hours away with no traffic) ... we went up for the Session Muskoka Craft Beer Festival

We stayed at the Inn at the Falls.

The "Main Inn" was originally a Victorian private residence built by English stonemasons in the mid-1870s. William C. Mahaffy, a land surveyor, purchased the property some 10 years later. In 1888, he was appointed the first District Judge of the area and his home and family became an integral part of the social and economic history of Muskoka.

Many distinguishing features of the old structure have been preserved including the century old fireplace in the Parlor, with its distinctive "Egg and Dart" design, and the carved wooden bannister in the main entrance. The foundation walls of the main inn are over three feet thick.

In 1943, the home was converted to an Inn and has undergone extensive renovations and mechanical upgrades.

The Inn is a "ghostly" Inn, home to numerous ghosts, three of whom are affectionately know as Charlie, Sarah and Bob. They are friendly spirits and tend to keep mostly to themselves. Bob inhabits the kitchen area, Charlie the upstairs corridors and Sarah can be heard rustling through the "Carriage Room" on occasion.

Today, the Inn comprises of the Mahaffy residence and 6 homes, which were acquired over the years and are housed on an entire cul du sac.  

Looking down the cul du sac
Looking down the cul du sac at the Main Inn
The Main Inn
Inside the Main Inn ... reception is back to the left of the stairs
Inside the Main Inn
Breakfast room in the Main Inn

Our room was in the Mews.

The TV was about 25 years old and should be replaced
The large skylight in the bathroom really brightened it up
Our terrace was nice and rustic
Looking at the Main Inn from the terrace
Looking at Muskoka River from the terrace

It was $159/night.  The inn is a couple blocks from the downtown core.

The room was comfortable.  There is a mini-fridge and bar sink near the closet.

The bed was king-sized and comfy ... I had a great sleep.  There was a sheet, a fleecy blanket and a heavy duvet on the bed ... I pulled the fleecy blanket off it the first night.

Parking was free in one of the three parking lots. 

WIFI was free but slow/non-existent at peak times :(

There is a pub onsite (in the Main Inn) that is open for lunch and supper ... we had a late lunch there on Friday on the patio.

If I go to Bracebridge again, I would stay at this inn.

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Fizzgig said...

did you encounter any "ghostly happenings???" I don't know if i could sleep somewhere just knowing it was a possibility!!