Thursday 22 August 2013

Visit to the naturopath

For the last couple years I've been feeling a lack of energy.  I had attributed it to not getting enough sleep ... I wasn't sleeping well so was feeling dragged out during the day.

Because of my lack of energy, I haven't been going to the gym ... sitting on the couch watching Judge Judy after work was more inviting.

I am tired of being tired so I saw Ashley, a naturopath at King West Village Chiropractic Clinic, this evening.

We spent 90 minutes together talking ... it was all about me!

As a start, I have to add some things and make some changes to my life:
  • B12 vitamin - for energy
  • Fish oil - I don't each much fish so I'm missing out on some healthy oils.  I currently put Udo's Oil in my morning shake which gives me the omegas but I'm missing the benefits of fish oil like heart health, brain function, etc.  So I'll be replacing the omega oil for fish oil.
  • CoQ10 - It is said to help prevent heart failure, as well as cancer, muscular dystrophy, and periodontal disease. It is also said to boost energy and speed recovery from exercise. Some people take it to help reduce the effects certain medicines can have on the heart, muscles, and other organs. 
  • Veggies - I'm not a fan of veggies ... there are very few that I like.  But I do like mixed green salads so promised to add one to my day.
  • Cut out diet drinks - I only have one a day at lunch so that won't be hard.
  • Drink more water - I drink about a litre of water a day ... I have to bring that up to 2 litres a day.

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kole said...

I'm always a bit weary about naturopaths, but the things suggested here are all good and healthy.