Saturday 17 August 2013

Family reunion - Saturday

Every two years my mother's family has a reunion.

My grandfather had two wives ... ten kids with the first wife (my grandmother) and six kids with the second wife.  The oldest child was born in 1927 and the youngest was born in 1962.  They were all born in Glace Bay, NS.

The oldest living child is Earl, who is 77 and lives in Victoria, BC, and the youngest living child is Sandra, who at 51 is just five months older than me lives in Verona, ON (just over three hours from Toronto).

Flags representing where we come from

The reunion is this weekend at my aunt, Sandra and her husband, Dave's.

 My aunt Carol, my uncle Earl, and my aunt Henrietta's husband Peter.
Carol lives in Toronto and Peter lives in Fredericton, NB
Peter, my aunt Henrietta, Michael (Carol's husband) and Bill (Michael's father)

Sandra and Dave's sons, Adam and Geoffrey, had been fishing and caught some bass.  Earl took charge and cleaned them.
Peter is checking 'em out
Dad and son ... Sandra and Dave's son, Adam and his son, Gavin
Carol, Peter, Carson (Adam's other son) and Henrietta
Grandpa and grandson ... Dave and Carson
Bill, Michael and Bob (my cousin from Portland)
Henrietta and Peter
Earl and Bud
Bill, Michael, Peter and Bob
Amanda (my cousin Adam's wife) and Gavin
Hanging out in the backyard
Henrietta sold 50/50 tickets ... the $$ goes to future reunions
The prize was $40
Alas, I didn't win
Earl ... the oldest living child
Sandra ... the youngest child

Supper was delicious!

Dave had a beef roast slowing BBQing all day
Fresh corn!
Michael had fun chucking the corn!
The feast!
My plate ... yum!

Dessert ... Sandra made lemon meringue pies and Carol had bought an apple pie at the Big Apple in Sterling.

There is always an auction.  Carol was the auctioneer and Sandra was her helper.  I bought an electric screwdriver for $5!

Sandra and Dave have wildlife including bunnies come in their yard.

We sat around a bonfire tonight ...

Amanda's dad played guitar and sang
Dave and Carson roasted marshmallows

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Masshole Mommy said...

It's great that you guys do a family reunion like this. I wish my family did.