Tuesday 27 August 2013

Book ~ "A Dog Named Boo: The Underdog with a Heart of Gold" (2012) Lisa J. Edwards

From Goodreads ~ She thought she was rescuing an abandoned puppy. 

Turns out, he was rescuing her. 

The last thing Lisa Edwards needed was a new dog. But when she came across an abandoned litter on Halloween, her heart went out to the runt who walked into walls and couldn't steady his feet. Lisa--healing from past abuse and battling constant pain from a chronic medical condition--saw a bit of herself in little Boo. And when he snuggled, helpless, against her, she knew he was meant to be hers. 

The dunce of obedience class with poor eyesight and a clumsy gait, Boo was the least likely of heroes. Yet with his unflappable spirit and boundless love, Boo has changed countless lives through his work as a therapy dog--helping a mute six-year-old boy to speak, coaxing movement from a paralyzed girl and stirring life in a ninety-four-year-old nun with Alzheimer's. But perhaps Boo's greatest miracle is the way he transformed Lisa's life, giving her the greatest gift of all--faith in herself. 

This is the inspiring true story of "the little dog who could" but more than that, it's the story of how one woman and one dog rescued each other--a moving tribute to hope, resilience and the transformative power of unconditional love. 

I love reading books about dogs so this one caught my eye.

It was Halloween 2000 and Lisa came across some puppies for sale for $49.99 ... they'd been left on the doorstep of a pet store.  Even though she had two dogs at home, she couldn't resist and bought one and named him Boo.  When she brought him home, her husband, Lawrence, wasn't enthused since he was suffering from Crohn's.

Lisa was working for a literary agency and teaching dog-training classes part-time ... she eventually leaves the literary world and gets involved with dogs full-time (eventually starting her own company).  Two of her dogs were doing pet-assisted therapy (visiting schools, retirement homes, etc.) and she hoped to train Boo into doing the same.  But it becomes apparent that there's something not right with Boo because he's taking a lot time to train ... they discover he has cerebellar hypoplasia.  He's a sweet dog and they eventually learn what his skills are.

I liked this book and the story of Boo (he sounds like an awesome dog!).  It's also the story of his doggie brothers Atticus, Dante and and Porthos.  The book gets technical at times but then things are explained right away so you know what she is talking about.  Her love for dogs is obvious and she is passionate about sharing the benefits a dog can bring.  She had an abusive childhood plus has physical limitations so it's great that she has found a way to heal and give back to others.

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