Monday 19 August 2013

Book ~ "The Vigilante" (2013) Jacqui Morrison

From Goodreads ~ It isn’t safe for men who work in the porn business in the city of Toronto.

When porn producer Sal Turbit is found dead in his apartment, no one seems to care. No one, that is, except Detective Lynette Wilton. Lynette has been a homicide detective for only three months, and has yet to earn her stripes.

Murder is murder no matter who the victim is - and Lynette is out to catch a killer.

Could the killer be Wanda Chambers, a mentally ill woman who hates the “scumbags” who prey on the vulnerable? Wanda’s beloved sister, Cathy, was one such woman. Cathy became a porn actress and then took her own life when her sleazy manager/boyfriend, Gil Lee, wouldn’t let her go.

Lynette’s sergeant doesn’t think it’s possible. Wanda has a debilitating illness. But Lynette believes that Wanda’s hatred and harsh childhood make her a prime suspect, and she proves it by catching Wanda in the act of attempting to shoot Lee.

Renowned defense lawyer Maxine Swayman takes on Wanda’s case; Maxine has a different view of the accused. She wants to help Wanda get the help that she needs and it’s not going to happen in a prison cell.

As the trial proceeds, will Maxine prevail and save Wanda or will Lynette be able to tie Wanda to Turbit’s murder as well? 

When sleazy porn producer Sal Turbit is found murdered in his apartment, police officer Lynette Wilton quickly assumes that Wanda Chambers is the killer. 

Chapter 1

“Hey,” Sal said, “come on in. You’re right on time. Good to meet ya.” He left the visitor in the living room of his shabby apartment in a grungy, low-rent building, and slipped into the kitchen. The metallic pop of a beer bottle opening echoed in the other room. Then another.

Six empty beer bottles, a heaping ashtray, and assorted marijuana paraphernalia were already strewn across his table. The grandfather clock struck four times. Sal stumbled back into the room. “I got you a beer.”

Glassy-eyed, Sal said, “I’ve got lots of great products for you to move today.” He showed the visitor the cover of a DVD. “This one is new. It’ll sell out. She’s a real sweet thing. Told me she was eighteen ’n had the ID to prove it. Likely just some little tramp from nowhere-ville. Came to the big, bad city for excitement––”

The metal felt cool as the visitor pulled out a gun.

“What the hell?” Sal screamed, just before the bullet penetrated his skull.

He fell onto the sofa, blood oozing out the back of his head. His face was contorted, almost angry looking. Certainly surprised.

The spent cartridge from the handgun ricocheted against a metal garbage can––reminiscent of the pop of a beer cap––and then landed on the carpet.

The murderer studied the victim’s splayed body, feeling a sense of elation and satisfaction. Out came a Swiss Army knife, and the killer wordlessly hacked off a section of Sal’s hair, stuffed it into a small plastic bag, and then threw it into a knapsack. The killer then picked up the half-spilled beer that Sal had been handing over when the shot was fired. Perfect. Grinning, the murderer chugged the beer, retrieved the spent cartridge, and smugly looked at Sal Turbit’s still body, now surrounded by pooling blood.

Still wearing leather gloves, the murderer put the beer bottle and hot metal bullet charge into a knapsack and fled, smiling, into the dense night.

Wanda's sister, Cathy, was a porn actress and Sal's girlfriend and client and had committed suicide.  As Lynette trails Cathy, she catches her trying to kill Sal's friend, Gil, and arrests her.  Wanda hires Maxime Swayman as her lawyer and they go to court on charges of attempted murder.

This is the first book I've read by this author and it was okay.  It was a quick read and very high level ... it could have been fleshed out more.  I liked that it was set in Toronto.

The characters all had their own dramas going on.  Wanda is tortured by the death of her beautiful sister and still has regular conversations with her.  She hates men and has had a rough life.  Maxine is dating an older divorced surgeon who seems perfect.  Lynette lives on a farm north of Toronto with her mother.  She is tormented by nightmares every night where she wakes up screaming.  She wants to know more about her father, who took off to Alberta (never to be heard from again) before she was born but her mother won't talk about it.  I found her mother's reluctance to talk about her father odd since Lynette did have a right to know about him.


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