Friday, 16 August 2013

"The Wooden Sky Travelling Adventure Show", SummerWorks, Toronto, ON

Gord and I were watching TV ... when we heard loud live music outside.

We checked it out, as did other neighbours.

There was a band playing on the loading dock of Real Food for Real Kids.


It turns out it is a Summerworks event ... The Wooden Sky Travelling Adventure Show (this was one of the stops).

Haunt the back alleys of Toronto as audience and performer come together to create a concert experience that is literally designed to move you. The Wooden Sky have joined forces with Theatre veterans Jennifer Brewin and Michael Rubenfeld to take a new look at the conventional concert. Playing on themes of traveling carnivals and inspired by their own ‘Bedrooms and Backstreets’ tour this Traveling Adventure Show will cast the neighbourhood surrounding the Lower Ossington Theatre as it’s stage and offer a uniquely intimate experience with The Wooden Sky’s music.

They stayed for about a half hour, puzzling the neighbourhood, and then moved on.

The ladies holding torches were with them.

Very cool way to shake up a Friday night in our 'hood!


Anonymous said...

Is that the former Dufflet's bakery? I used to love riding my bike past there. How long ago did Dufflet's move?

Teena in Toronto said...

Yes ... Dufflet's moved about five years ago.

There is a condo coming sign on the fence so it won't be long :(