Sunday, 25 August 2013

Humber Bay Park East to home walk

Gord and I caught the streetcar across Queen Street W to Park Lawn Road to Humber Bay Park East ... so we could walk eastward to home.

Following the water itt's about 6.5km from Park Lawn Road to home.  We took our time taking lots of pictures and had a late late lunch.  We left about 12:30pm and got home about 6:30pm.

Hmmmmm ... a stiletto on a fire hydrant is an odd thing to see
We walked through the habitat but saw no butterflies
These were the only butterflies we saw!
These were pretty
This guy had the right idea!
So did this guy!
I wonder if Alex said "yes"
Heading towards Sheldon Lookout Park
We sat at Sheldon Lookout Park for a while
This guy went by with his dog
Heading toward Humber Bay Arch Bridge
Humber Bay Arch Bridge
There were lots of love locks on the bridge
Stand up paddle surfing has become popular here
On the Martin Goodman Trail ...
We veered off and followed the Sunnyside Boardwalk
A duck butt!
The owner of this dog kept throwing the dog rocks to chase
This paddler didn't seem to enjoy having the dog in the way
We stopped at Sunnyside Pavilion Cafe on Sunnyside Beach for a late lunch
We headed east again after lunch
Looking back to where we'd started (the far left of the buildings)
He has all he needs ... his dog and a guitar
Budapest Park
We had to cross this pedestrian bridge to get over the Gardiner
Lots of traffic heading downtown on the Gardiner
Looking back at the water where we'd come from
The intersection of Roncesvalles, Queen Street W and King Street W
Heading eastward on Queen Street W (2.5km from home)

It was a great day to go for a walk!


Masshole Mommy said...

Nice place for a walk.

Rosie said...

I also never see any butterflies when we walk through! It made me laugh when I read your post. Someone needs to tell us when they see a butterfly!

Teena in Toronto said...

Rosie: we thought maybe they'd migrated already.