Friday 2 November 2012

Chili's, Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton, AB

I conducted an enrolment seminar this morning and then scampered to the airport to catch my 1pm flight home.

I had a quick lunch at Chili's, which was located after I'd gone through Security.

I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich with no lettuce (I hate lettuce!).

It came with lettuce so I pointed it out to my server.   She took it away and it came back lettuce-free.  Yay!

It looked like it was dripping with sauce right? Well, it wasn't.  It seemed like the sauce was just on one half ... the other half was dry.  No doubt the cook took a lot of the sauce off when he/she took the lettuce off but didn't replenish it.  It was okay, not great.  But it was better than buying food on the plane.  I had four hour flight and would be starving had I not eaten first.

My server was friendly and quick.

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Isabel said...

Ok, i'm getting hungry! stop!