Thursday 1 November 2012

Snowy Edmonton

I have an enrolment seminar to conduct first thing tomorrow morning in Edmonton so flew in today (a four hour flight).

It was a bit of a shock to look out the window when we landed and see snow, especially after all the rain and wind we'd been getting at home in Toronto.

It took a while to get to the building so we could deplane because of the snow.  There were plows out moving the snow out of the way.

Here's the plane I had just gotten off.

I rented a car and here is my drive into the city from the airport ... it was slow going.

By the end of day, there had been 116 accidents.

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MaggieMay said...

Wow - I live in Winnipeg now but was born and raised in Edmonton. I've lived in "The Peg" for five years but Edmonton is still "home". That drive from the airport to the city is never fun let alone in all that snow.