Thursday 1 November 2012

When I lived in Edmonton ...

I was born and mostly raised in Nova Scotia (I moved to Toronto in 1987 when I was 24)

As a family, we moved to Edmonton, AB, just before I went into grade seven (June 1974).  We moved back to Nova Scotia halfway through grade eight (December 1975).

We spent the summer in an apartment before moving to Callingwood Two.  At that time, it was a new subdivision for low income families (which we were) ... we were the first to live there.  It seems to be a condo corporation now.

It took a bit of driving around but I found it (I hadn't checked it out in about ten years).

Our townhouse was the one in the middle (it was white when we lived there).

I don't have good memories of this place ... it wasn't a happy time for me.  Thankfully things eventually got better :)

Why was it so hard to find?   When we lived there back in the mid 1970s, we lived on the edge of the city ... one street over was fields!  Has it ever developed!!

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