Friday 2 November 2012

Holiday Inn Express, Edmonton, AB

My home away from home last night in Edmonton was the Holiday Inn Express on Calgary Trail.

My room was okay ... I had a king bed all to myself.

There was a small closet by the door along with a microwave and mini fridge.

My view out the window was of a wall of the hotel ... it would have been nice to have been looking out at something else, even Calgary Trail.

When I checked in, the friendly guy at the desk gave me a bag of chips and a bottle of water for signing up to the Holiday Inn loyal card.

WIFI was free and it was speedy.  Parking was free.  A continental breakfast was included.  There are no restaurants in the hotel ... there are some a couple blocks away (I didn't have a great experience at the Outback Steakhouse).

A couple things bothered me ...

There was only one Kleenex left in the box and it was stuffed back in the box ... more would have been nice.

There wasn't a lot of toilet paper ... two rolls that weren't even half full.  I've stayed in a lot of hotels and I've never seen a hotel this stingy on toilet paper and Kleenex before.

The bathroom door wouldn't stay open so I jammed it open with the empty Kleenex box.

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JCB said...

the closest you have ever been to me!!!!