Saturday 10 November 2012

Book ~ "Powerful Phrases for Effective Customer Service" (2012) Renee Evenson

From Goodreads ~ Let’s face it, dealing with customers isn’t easy. They aren’t always right—or even pleasant—but knowing the right words to use can make all the difference.

Powerful Phrases for Effective Customer Service shares over 700 phrases and scripts that have been proven time and again to defuse even the most difficult interactions. Covering 30 challenging customer behaviors and 20 tough employee-caused situations, this indispensible reference makes it easy for readers to assess the circumstances, find the appropriate response, and confidently deliver satisfaction to every customer. In addition, readers will learn how to incorporate language into their daily routine that communicates welcome, courtesy, rapport, enthusiasm, assurance, regret, empathy, and appreciation. Every chapter includes helpful Do This! sample scenarios that bring the phrases to life as well as Why This Works sections that provide detailed explanations.

Practical and insightful, Powerful Phrases for Effective Customer Service ensures that employees will never again be at a loss for words when dealing with customers.

Regardless of what your job is, we all need customer service skills and this is a good book to help in any situation.

It starts with providing communicating powerful phrases and actions that enhance these powerful phrases. Then there are lots of examples such as how to deal with agitated customers, impulsive customers, overly friendly customers and more (they are listed alphabetical for quick reference).  Each example has a description of the customer, identifying the behavior, a role play of what the employe and customer might say, why it works and applying the approach.  The same is done with challenging employee situations.

I find that customer service is lacking today.  Is anyone being trained or monitored anymore?  When I encounter poor customer service, I wish I had a copy of this book to give to them.

My pet peeve is when I thank someone for their service and they say, "No problem" rather than "You're welcome".  I feel like asking why there would have been a problem.  What's your pet peeve with customer service?

I  received a copy of this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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