Saturday 3 November 2012

White squirrel in Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON

As we were walking through Trinity Bellwoods Park today to see KC's tree ...

... we saw a white squirrel.  There is a small population of them in the park and I've only seen them a couple times  The last time was in October 2010.

Toronto Wildlife Centre had treated an injured one in September and put her back in the park ... I wonder if this was her.

 She eventually came out of the tree and hung out with two black squirrels and two grey squirrels.


Rob said...

I almost made it to this park very recently. There was a Barred Owl hanging around for almost a week. Turns out the Owl was in trouble though, injured of some sort, and needing rescuing from TWC. The Owl is there now, hoping he's going to be okay. Upon release I doubt he will go back to Trinity since it's not common ground for such a creature.

Imagine if he was healthy and well, and still in the park today on your walk? How cool would that be?

White Squirrels are awesome. We had one up the road a few years back.

Dawn said...

So very awesome Teena! I've never seen a white squirrel. Thanks for sharing.

Adaptable Kay said...

Oh my goodness! I've never seen a black OR a white squirrel!

That is so COOL! :)

Margaret B said...

Awesome! I've seen a red, black and grey squirrel, but never a white one. VERY rare and you managed to get a few shots in!

Unknown said...

Hi there. Now I know where to come and see a white squirrel, I have heard about this color of squirrel but never seen one. I live in Scarborough, and this past Sunday, my wife, Jean, and I came upon a Barred Owl in Rouge National Park, near Markham, Ontario. This was the second time in six weeks that we have come upon, and filmed, an owl out in the wilds. The first was a Saw-Whet Owl. Prior to these two sightings, we had never seen an owl in its natural habitat. Needless to say, it has been an exciting six weeks. Our pictures and video of the Barred Owl sighting are posted on our blog at:

Our pictures and video of the Saw-Whet Owl sighting are at: