Saturday 16 October 2010

Trinity Bellwoods Park

It's a sunny crisp morning (5C).

KC and I took a walk to Trinity Bellwoods Park and back (about a 15 minute walk each way).

The leaves are changing so there are lots of gorgeous colours!

This guy was feeding an albino squirrel (whom he called Trudy) some peanuts so he could take pictures of her. This park is known for its population of albino squirrels.

Rounding the bend, there's the CN Tower in the distance.

Look at that happy girl!

Rounding another bend, there's the CN Tower again ...

There were lots of dogs in the park today ... this Great Dane said hello.

This is looking down at the unleashed dog area.

Great day for a walk!


Susan Demeter said...

It is definitely a lovely Fall day :)

Lord of the Wings said...

Albino squirrels - awesome! Its nice to see some variation from grey and brown and red.

Also, that Great Dane looks like a horse next to KC!

Tina said...

thats a lovely place to walk your dog. KC looks so happy to be there

Sarah said...

White squirrels are pretty! I don't remember seeing one before.