Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday in Punta Cana

Sister Sarah and I arrived safe and sound in Punta Cana this morning.

Our plan left at 6:20am ... which meant we had to be at the airport at 3am ... which meant we had to leave our place at 2:30am. Sister Sarah went to bed for a few hours and I stayed up.

Needless so say we were exhausted!

Our room wasn't ready when we got here and lunch wasn't being served so we had a Piña Colada at the bar.

We're looking pretty lively considering we hadn't really slept since the day before.

We have our own rooms.

Here's my bathroom ...

The tub is huge and amazing!

The toilet and shower are in another room.

Here's the sitting area ...

And here's my bed and balcony ...

Very nice!

Alas, there's no Internet in the rooms but there's free WIFI in the common areas.

We headed to the beach about 3ish after we settled into our rooms. Sister Sarah loves the water and was paddling around for a long time. That's her at the top middle waving at me.

Great shot of her!

We spent over an hour in the pool after that. Can't wait to get back at it tomorrow!

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