Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sudbury, Ontario

One of my clients is in Garson, which is part of the Sudbury. They wanted me to conduct an enrolment seminar today at noon.

It's a five hour drive one way or a one hour flight. Because I needed to be home for a condo board meeting this evening, I flew.

To be there for noon, I had to catch the 8am flight ... which meant I had to leave the house at 6:30ish ... which meant I didn't have time for breakfast.

Since I had a couple hours to kill before the seminar, I drove towards Sudbury looking for some brekkie.

I found Tutti Frutti ...

Here's my breakfast ... it was delish!

I had reserved a compact car at the airport ... all they had was a mini van. I've never driven a mini van so it was an interesting experience. I have no idea why this yellow light stayed on ... but the van went forward when I hit the gas so that's all I cared about.

It was a long day and I was happy to head back to the airport to go home on the 3:30 flight.


Tina said...

mmmm ill have me some of that breakfast!

Sandy said...

OMG ... I didn't know anyone else even knew that Garson existed ... that's where I was born and lived for the first year of my life ... then it was off to Sudbury. Or was it the other way around? It was so long ago I don't remember! At any rate, I haven't been to Sudbury in 17 years ... bed not much has changed .... :)
Great to hear you made it back tho'.
Have a great weekend!