Sunday, 24 October 2010

Heading to Ottawa

I'm conducting enrolment seminars tomorrow and Tuesday for a client in Ottawa.

Since the first seminar is at 9am tomorrow morning, I booked myself on the 4:45pm flight this afternoon on Porter Airlines.

Fog was rolling in. Instead of leaving on time, we sat on the plane for about an hour while the pilot decided whether to leave or not. At 5:45pm, he decided we weren't going anywhere.

I immediately called VIA Rail to see what the train schedule was. There was one heading to Ottawa at 6:30pm.

We were told that the flights for the night were cancelled and there was no guarantee that we'd get out tomorrow morning.

I grabbed a cab, scampered to Union Station and got on the train within minutes of it leaving. Yay!

There were no economy seats left so that left me in business class.

I've never traveled business class on the train before ... and I liked it! The seats are roomier and there is WIFI throughout the train.

Booze is free and flowing.

There is a meal. First there are snacks (pretzels). Then there are appetizers ...

Then comes the meal ... with a choice of turkey cacciatore or salmon, I chose the turkey.

The liquor cart was a nice surprise so I had a glass of Grand Marnier.

Had I flown, I would have gotten to my hotel about 6pm. Going by train, I got to my room just before midnight. Needless to say, my comfy room was a welcome sight!

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CapricornWoman said...

The beds do look very comfy!