Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Wednesday in Punta Cana

Karyne, our resort rep, had told us that there is a flea market about a five minute walk along the beach.

I checked it out this morning. Karyne had said to barter with them ... cut any price they give you in half.

Here's the conversation as I got to the sign ...

Sales guy: Hey, Beautiful Lady.

Me: Hey.

SG: Where are you from?

Me: Canada

SG: Come into my shop and I give you a good deal ... almost free.

Sure, buddy!

I took a walk through all the shops.

I didn't buy anything. They all had the same crappy teeshirts, jewelry, etc.

Sister Sarah and I spent the morning at the beach.

Sister Sarah did the water aerobics class again ... I read.

She also went kayaking ... I read.

We spent the afternoon at the pool. Here are Jeremy from Georgia, Christie from Coburg, Val from Ontario, Carrie from Ontario, Loye from Georgia and Sister Sarah.

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