Monday, 4 October 2010

Book ~ "Law and Disorder" (2009) Mary Jane Maffini

From Amazon ~ Victims' advocate Camilla MacPhee is following the trial of Lloyd Brugel, a ruthless criminal kingpin charged with a fatal firebombing, and she's looking forward to seeing him convicted. But, when his sleazy counsel is found dead, this conveniently delays the proceedings. The lawyer, no saint himself, was both drowned and shot. Someone wasn't taking any chances. There's also the dead judge and then the real estate lawyer who perished in an unlikely accident. How many others are there? None of it makes any sense to Camilla, whose life was already complicated enough, thank you very much. Camilla does her stubborn best to head off the killer, hampered by her assistant, the police, her bossy sisters, and the arrival of her possible stepdaughters-to-be. She comforts herself with the thought that, at least the future stepdaughters are safe.

This is the sixth in the Camilla McPhee series which is set in Ottawa.

There are lots of twists and tangles to try to throw you off. It seemed to start off slow but picked up.

The ending ("whodunnit") is unexpected and seems to come out of the blue. But it worked for me.

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