Thursday, 21 October 2010

Super Burger, Shelburne, ON

I hadn't had lunch so I was starving on my way home.

When I came across a couple burger joints, I stopped. I had a decision to make ... Super Burger or Champ Burger.

I chose Super Burger (you can see Champ Burger across the street).

I chose it because of the old Toronto streetcar that is part of the restaurant.

The menu is fun.

I ordered the hamburger combo ... lots of food for a cheap price.

The burger and fries were good. The gravy tasted kind of burnt.

According this article, I should have chosen Champ Burger.


Tina said...

i love how you ate half the burger before you take the pic!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have stopped at least once a month for the past 20 years for our Burger and Onion Rings. We are not going to visit them any longer. Paid $20.00 + change for 2 orders of burgers, pop and onion rings. My husband brought the order back to the table after a few onion rings each we noticed they were all very well done. I took the rings back to the "teenagers" that were in charge that evening (Oct 22,2010)and pointed out how overdone the rings are. One young lady says "yah??.. thats how we cook them" (UH! no it's not I wanted to say) the other young girl who was with her behind the counter piped up and said "OH! that's becuase we haven't changed the oil" All three of us just stared at each other. I was waiting for some kind of solution to the problem from either of them. I only the deer in the headlight stare. I then picked up all the rings that I had spread on the counter for them to see and shoved them into the greasy carton from which they came and said "here these are garbage put them where they belong" I walked away after having the one girl give me the teen whatever stare.
Thanks for the past serivce Super Burger but we will not be returning ever.
Hello Champs!

Teena in Toronto said...

That sounds like a horrible experience!